Panagiotis T. Cheilas, PhDc

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Panagiotis T. Cheilas, PhDc, has several years of working experience as an Entrepreneur in the Start-Up industry. He obtained an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and a 5-year Diploma Degree in Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences from NTUA, where he is currently a PhDc. His scholarly papers are forthcoming in the fields of Operational Research and Economics, using advanced quantitative techniques. 


He holds patents and utility models in multiple defensive systems and a twin reverse turbine for underwater hydrocarbon extraction, officially registered in the Industrial Property Organization. He manned the 4-member Greek National Engineering Team in 2011 and published the Core Compass Compound Charge Theory in the field of Business Strategy in 2016. He has also written and published a book in the field of Negotiations. In 2017, he founded “The e-House of Aristotle” to develop programs and tools for gifted children in order to support them throughout an advanced online curriculum.


So far, in his role as CPO in the company, he has attended several specialization training programs, such as the “Fintech” program for executives offered by the Harvard University, the “Cryptocurrency” program and the “Digital Marketing Analytics” program for executives both offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the program “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” offered by the University of California (Berkeley), the program “Blockchain & Fintech” offered by the Hong Kong University and the program “Unlocking Investment and Finance in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies” offered by the World Bank Group. Finally, he specializes in “Digital Marketing” from Google and holds multiple professional certifications by the META Blueprint Certification.