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CryptoFundsToday.com  is a company based in the EU with an international profile and clients, that offers very easy online access to a vast number of professionally managed portfolios of cryptocurrencies that earn an Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R.) which is paid daily. The company offers a type of mutual funds which consist of cryptocurrencies and not banking and /or other financial assets. This allows our buyers to diversify and, hence, minimize their risk exposure. In other words, the company offers investments in a carefully selected and engineered portfolio of various cryptocurrencies simultaneously in order to minimize risk and maximize returns. Actually, the proposed products consist of portfolios with several different crypto currencies, meaning that our clients gain very important risk diversification at a very low cost. There is currently no such service/product in the global market, to the best of our knowledge.
CryptoFundsToday.com using the power of FinTech, offers financial services on a single online platform, easily and efficiently. It offers products which are globally unique and missing from the global market right now. The company offers its products online on its platform, each product containing a carefully selected portfolio of cryptocurrencies, divided into relevant risk categories. Meanwhile, the leading team is very strong consisting of recognized and esteemed experts in their field, which implies that the company has world experts to select and construct the different portfolios in a low-cost way for its clients, and face any challenge that might occur.
In order to successfully invest the desired amount of money in a portfolio offered by CFT you need to take a number of easy steps:

1) Register on the CFT platform (https://www.cryptofundstoday.com/account/register).

2) Download the Keplr wallet extension (blue button on the top right part of the screen).

3) Set up a Keplr wallet and save your seed words.

4) Connect your Keplr wallet on the CFT platform (blue button on the top right part of the screen).

5) Top up your Keplr wallet with the amount that you wish to invest using Mercuryo (purchase ATOM) or Simplex (purchase OSMO).

6) Go to the Products section and select the portfolio of your choice.

7) Fill in the amount that you wish to invest in US dollars.

8) Approve the necessary transactions in your Keplr wallet. Now, you are done.

9) You can visit the “My investments” and the "Dashboard" sections on your menu to monitor your investments and daily rewards.

“A.P.R.” stands for Annual Percentage Rate and translates to the annual return on the investment, expressed as a percentage rate (%) of this investment. Each portfolio offered by CFT is characterized by a dynamic level of A.P.R. The A.P.R.s offered by CFT are dynamic in the sense that their value changes over time, in line with the Total Value Locked (TVL) in each portfolio. The daily rewards from your investment in a certain portfolio are based on the average value of the dynamic A.P.R.s The daily rewards from your investment in a CFT portfolio are equal to: (1/365)*Average daily (APR)* Current Investment Valuation.
The A.P.R.s displayed are guaranteed in the sense that everyday each investor will earn his/her daily rewards, as calculated by the formula in the previous question.
The A.P.R.s offered are dynamic and change several times a day in order to adjust to the Total Value Locked (TVL) of each portfolio. Nonetheless, in general, these A.P.R. changes are usually quite small within a day.
The portfolios offered by CFT are categorized according to their level of impermanent risk. The impermanent risk of each portfolio expresses the loss in the initial investment value due to price changes of the cryptocurrencies that are included in the initial investment.
CFT offers a variety of portfolios which include different combinations of risk and A.P.R. The choice depends on the individual preferences of each investor as well as on his/her risk profile, i.e. whether he/she is a “risk lover” or “risk averse”. However, it should be noted that usually, in times of bear market/crisis, all cryptocurrencies tend to experience significant volatility, whereas in times of bull market/growth, this volatility is rather limited.
The various portfolios offered by CFT consist of bundles of cryptocurrencies that are either native or communicate directly with the Cosmos blockchain. An overview of the Cosmos ecosystem with all the projects that operate on it can be found here :  
The minimum plausible amount of an initial investment is $100 and the maximum amount is $5,000 per transaction and $10,000 per day or $25,000 per month using the Mercuryo tool, with no KYC limit at $900. Also, the minimum plausible amount of an initial investment is $100 and the maximum amount is $20,000 per day or $50,000 per month using the Simplex tool. These restrictions apply only if the initial investment involves fiat money. Otherwise, when someone already has cryptocurrencies in his/her Keplr wallet, then these restrictions do not apply.
As identification documents, passports, identity cards, and driving licenses are accepted. However, in order to invest in CFT, it is strongly recommended that you use a valid passport, since it is an official international document that typically contains latin characters.
All the portfolios offered by CFT consist of cryptocurrencies that are either native or communicate with the Cosmos blockchain. As a result, in order to invest in one of the portfolios offered, you will need to set up the native wallet of the Cosmos blockchain, which is the Keplr wallet.
The set-up of the Keplr wallet is straightforward, since you just have to choose a password and to safeguard the generated seed phrase. A quick guide on how to set up your Keplr wallet for the first time can be found at:  
In order to protect you against either malicious acts or unnecessary actions, the Keplr wallet asks you to confirm all the necessary transactions.
In order to make a purchase on the CFT platform, a buyer should expect to give three (3) approvals with his/her Keplr wallet.
Yes, there are. In order to collect the daily rewards, the investor should give his/her approval first. Also, in order for an investor to withdraw his/her investment, again a Keplr approval is needed for his/her own protection.
You can monitor your investments using the “My investment” tab on the CFT platform.
Again, you can monitor your rewards using the “Dashboard” tab, on the CFT platform.
You can withdraw your investment(s) at any time. Nonetheless, you need to wait for 2 weeks for your investments to be withdrawn and available to you, after you have hit the withdraw button. Please kindly note that during this 2-week period you will continue to earn daily rewards. This 2-week period is prefixed by the Automated Market Maker (AMM) used by CFT in order to guarantee the A.P.R.s of the various products.
You can easily withdraw your rewards anytime just by hitting the withdraw reward button which is in the “Dashboard” tab. Your rewards will become immediately available to you.
You can convert your rewards and/or initial investment to fiat money wherever you wish. You may use Mercuryo, Simplex or any other similar service of your choice for converting fiat to crypto and visa-versa.
There is no upper limit to the amount of money that you can make investing in CFT’s products. Given the carefully selected portfolios of cryptocurrencies engineered by our financial experts, it all depends on the amount of money that you invest, on the crypto-currency performance, on the realized A.P.R.s and of course on the timing of the market based on the general macroeconomic environment.
The CFT platform is designed to be used on a desktop or laptop computer with a Keplr wallet connected via Google Chrome.
If you are receiving CFT emails, make sure to check the various categories of your email provider, including promotion, social, spam, etc.